Little Chiefs™ Baseball Limited Edition Re-Issue Tee Shirt


The Official “THROWBACK” Baseball Jersey Of Your Childhood!

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If you were a kid growing up in Lincoln Nebraska during the 70’s & early 80’s, then it’s almost a 100% certainty that you played Little Chiefs Baseball™!

Harken back now to that incredible time, when neither heat, nor humidity, nor bugs could spoil our Little Chiefs Baseball™ games, and playing ball on makeshift park fields with our best pals was a truly special time.  No matter how the game turned out, win or lose, we always had a great time.  Of course, that ice cold Shasta Soda waiting for us in some parent’s cooler wasn’t far from our minds either, as the game neared its end and we raced for first dibs on Grape, Strawberry, Cherry, & Ginger Ale flavors.  God forbid you got to the cooler late, and ended up dragging home a Cream Soda!  Aaargh!  Denied for another week!!

And at the core of all this greatness, was that simple white shirt with red scripty letters.  Maybe even a little personalized glory of having your last name on the back, something that seemed to elevate you even further towards the perceived greatness of the “Pros”.

Alas…….what a time!

So we’re bringing back the official Little Chiefs™ jersey for one last hurrah, and giving you a chance once again to sport some greatness!

Okay then…..let’s PLAY BALL!


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